Sunday, 19 June 2016

Difference between Remain and Brexit - Freedom

One of the impressions that I believe Remainers have towards Brexit supporters is that they are generally small minded people who want to turn their back on the world and rant about immigrants. In actual fact I believe it is the Remainers who have really not grasped what this referendum is about and have a certain intellectual arrogance about themselves without knowing the full details. Brexit is all about taking back power and giving it to the people. Remain is to keep that power in the hands of the unelected. There are two videos below which do a very good job of explaining the core the Brexit viewpoint.

People fought wars and paid with their lives to give us our current liberty and others we gave away when we joined the European common market. I recently heard a Remainer talk about the EU giving women rights. The suffragettes will be spinning in their graves; they fought and died to give women the right to vote and the remainers want to take that one right away. Unfortunately many of us have become too comfortable and have no respect or concept of what our ancestors did for us, instead we want to undo all that. The vote on Thusday 23rd of June is a very simple one. Do you want people to have the power to run their own lives or should the political elite have that power - Brexit vs Remain. If after watching these two videos you still want to vote for remain then so be it. Either you can't grasp the whole point of freedom or you have no respect of what our ancestors toiled for. To get back rights that they once died for all we have to do is vote for freedom; Brexit.

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