Thursday, 23 June 2016

23rd July - Votes In

With voting nearly over and with polls neck and neck its hard to call the results tonight. However I think we may be facing Brexit for a number of reasons.

  • Brexit voters will be more willing to turn out in the rainy weather.
  • Remain supporters are generally younger thus generally don't vote in the same numbers as older people
  • Remain is the boring option - it just maintains the status quo
  • Shy Brexit Factor
Similar to the Shy Tory factor that I mentioned before the UK general election in 2015, I think this will play a vital part again. People may say in public they will vote remain but when in the privacy of a polling booth will vote Brexit. This may be for a number of reasons but Brexit supporters have generally been called racists, bigots or little England'ers. Again polling can not pick up this factor so I suspect once again it will play a vital role. Roll on the results!

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