Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Where is the deflation?

"The Chinese government is expecting its economy to expand around 8% of gross domestic product in 2011, same as in recent years, but it has raised its inflation target to around 4%, indicating Beijing isn't willing to sacrifice growth even though fighting inflation is a top priority.

State television reported the new numbers Tuesday, citing Zhang Ping, the head of the National Development and Reform Commission. Next year's inflation target is a full percentage point higher than this year's target of 3%."
News that China will raise its Inflation target

If you were to believe the experts it is deflation we have to fear. Its just round the corner. Its a battle we must win. A depression must be avoided which apparently is caused by deflation. In the real world people are seeing costs rising all the time. Not just in the West but in emerging economies also. The Chinese authorities have raised their inflation targeting metrics in order to keep their bubble, sorry growth, moving up. A rule of life is governments always bend the rules. Its sets them. Free markets allow people as individuals to set the rules. Participants mutually trade with one another under an amicable agreement. The state takes at will and by force. Inflation is one such example, it benefits no one in society in the long run, only the government over the short term.

The fact that the target has been moved upwards should not be a surprise. This is what's going to happen everywhere, across the globe. Here in the UK our Inflation has risen yet again. Its now been above the target for over a year now and what are the "inflation fighters" (that is Mervyn King and his MPC comrades) doing about it, Nada. Zilch. They have already raised their inflation targets, they just haven't told the unsuspecting public. There's more price increases in the pipeline:

The increase in VAT from 17.5% to 20% that will come into effect next month will be used to "mask" more extensive price rises according to accountants at KPMG.

They claim almost two thirds of retailers and consumer product manufacturers plan to increase their prices by more than the planned VAT hike in January.

Martin Scott from KPMG told the BBC why he believed retailers would raise prices by more than just the VAT hike next month.

All this inflation is causing Government bond prices to stay high. Well I say high, but we haven't seen anything yet. They will go double digit over the course of this state induced disaster. Double Digit may seem high in today's environment buts that's what you would have thought when Interest Rates were single digit back in the seventies. In the US they eventually went above 20%. Ouch!

Well at least the banks are ok now. They were small fry. We have moved on to more impressive bailouts like, err, countries? Ireland, Portugal - what about when Italy and Spain need assistance? They in turn get bailed out by Germany or France or even the UK. Hang on, aren't we bust also? Yep. Fractional reserve banking, fiat state monopoly money, you have to admire it. The Governments legalised ponzi scheme. No one has the money for any of these bailouts. Deflation will never happen because Governments know this would be the end and a collapse of the system. Therefore they will print money. They will raise inflation targets. They won't even tell people they are doing this. Oil is at record high once more. Just like with any unwarranted inflation, peoples living standards are falling. Prices rise and real wages don't keep pace. 

Through all the bailouts and enlightened interventions, nothing has been solved. Its worse than before the crunch. Its the quiet before the storm, just like prior to the market collapse of 2008. Everything was fine until it happened. That's the problem with economic collapse caused by government mismanagement. You can't predict it, you just know it will come. And when it comes its always too late to act. We won't hit bottom until the market is allowed to cleanse itself, but that isn't going to occur. Until then, just know that inflation will always be there, always rising, even when it may seem its not. Deflation is just the Governments smoke screen.