Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Should I Vote?

With the upcoming Elections here in the UK its looking another coalition. Like buses we haven't had one for years, then two turn up together. A question many people ask themselves is "Should I Vote?". Some say its your democratic duty to vote and that it is a disrespect to people who fought for our freedoms. I disagree, the prior statement is a contradiction in itself. It is your right to do what you want. Voting or abstaining from it is an individuals choice and no one should be coerced to vote against their free will. It is just as valid as voting for a political party.

I personally won't be voting as I don't believe in democracy as my prior post detailed. I abstain from voting to show my distaste in politics, to show my objection of mob rule, the dictatorship of the majority over the minority. Ignoring this, if someone who believed in democracy asked me who they should vote for I would give them the following thoughts to chew on.

Fundamentally all parties have no solution to the Government Bond Bubble with an economic disaster on the cards whoever takes power. The SNP are borrow and spend believers and will bankrupt England for the sake of Scotland; Plaid Cymru are a similar Welsh counterpart. The Greens are also of similar substance spending money they don't have and would further destroy wealth by supporting witch hunts against the wealthy. Liberal Democrats sit on the fence with everything and try to get everyones vote the only problem is they fail to do this. Despite all the rhetoric UKIP are not fascist. Adolf Hitler and his cronies quite clearly had perverse beliefs long before they came into power, I'm yet to see evidence of Nigel Farages "Mein Kampf". UKIP have carved a niche in saying politically incorrect things, which actually is great to see in terms of free speech. They do however center on immigration and the EU and also have some pretty intolerant beliefs that are fine (everyone has the right to their own views and we should all be tolerant to views we may find intolerant) but should not pass as a law as I'm sure they would wish. The Conservatives talk about how they have fixed our country but in reality they have built up more debt than 13 years of Labour in the space of less than half the time. You can say they inherited it, but they haven't really done anything to solve it - in fact it has been the monetary inflation that has greatly covered this up and will bite us all hard in the near future. And Labour want to divide everyone; rich vs poor; north vs south; minorities vs majorities. Their Economic policies are very similar to the Conservatives albeit with the odd tax on the rich (policies like this target small groups, as politicians are always looking for majority mob rule).

All the main options believe in centralised rule. None are advocating de-centralisation an abandonment of democracy, anarchy; which is perfectly acceptable - the majority haven't come around to that concept and its the majority vote they are all after. That may sound arrogant but I know from studying history that humans have been moving towards increased freedom for the individual over many years. Governments take freedoms away from the individual so are not compatible with this trend. Consequently like all forms of centralised rule - monarchs, dictatorships, religion - will slip away in the background and will be an opt-in/opt-out system at best. 

Would I ever vote? Only if I believed that there was a party who would really set freedom back, then I would vote to defend the status quo against whatever that tyranny would be. As it is, the 2015 election doesn't have that worry so I'll just see which tribe gets power this time and await the inevitable disappointment of the supporters, accompanied by the general economic chaos that comes with it.

So we come back to the original question, who should I vote for? Just like buying a car it comes back to you. Only you can make that decision, its what makes us human as we are all very unique individuals. With that we should all be free to vote for who we want with no objections from others. Thats liberty.

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