Thursday, 19 November 2015

Whos going to pick up the tab

"Free" University, cancellation of Student Debt and a $15 minimum wage for people who work on site in a University. All we need to do is go after that "greedy" 1% minority. Simple?

Like with anything if wealth was just as easy as changing a couple of laws and clicking our fingers there would be no such thing as scarcity. The interview is an embarrassment towards people who still hold socialist beliefs, that all one has to do to make society better is take from their fellow man.

Are the 1% hoarding all that money? How did many of them become the 1%? Do they contribute nothing to society? I could pick any multi-millionaire businessman who at one time had next to nothing but made staggering wealth not by just taking from others but by creating something from nothing. They obtain this wealth by meeting consumers needs better than what previously existed. I don't shop at Amazon to enrich Jeff Bezos, I shop there because I value its competitive prices, convenient service and the fact I can check real consumer reviews against products. Prior to services like Amazon I had to go to a physical shop that was only open at certain hours. I had no simple way of comparing prices with other retailers without walking from shop to shop and could only get prices from my area rather than the whole world. There was also no real consumer feedback on what I was buying. Companies like Amazon changed all that. They created wealth from nothing, from nothing more than a garage and one guys vision. Now it provides jobs to thousands of people and millions of consumers value it. Did Jeff Bezos ask anyone else to pay for this? No he went out there and earned that right.

Has Jeff Bezos contributed nothing to society? Is he hoarding his money or is he constantly innovating looking at where to invest and create wealth for us all? That money is genuine capital and is either in a bank paying for your mortgage or starting the next great startup or ready to invest in creating new jobs and capital goods. What the Student in the video is proposing is for the Government to take that money, spend it now - instantly, with the institutions no doubt asking for more money in another few months time. Jeff Bezos couldn't provide that capital to startups, or for your loan or to re-invest back into making Amazon even more efficient. Remember everyone else is greedy - especially the 1%. Its never people who ask for someone else to pay for their education, its never people in Western Countries who can be unbelievably bone idle if they please but still enjoy a life of luxury compared to their fellow human beings born into a country where odds really are stacked against them and who earn a dollar a day and have to toil and suffer to get that dollar. And in most cases countries that are in that state because they persecute the 1%.

The idea that we need to spend more on education is a joke and shows how little creative thought many have, in particular Socialists/Progressives who just want to maintain the status quo and spend more of other peoples money on it. As I've already posted we can have better education at a fraction of the cost if we just allowed people to try different solutions rather than a single top down approach we currently have. Society generates wealth when people disrupt what currently exists and do something completely different, not pursue the same course. The funniest thing about the video above? Turns out the person getting interviewed isn't working class or remotely close. She went to an expensive private school and now goes to one of the most costly Universities. Also it has been posted that her dad has a home with an estimate value of around a million dollars. Doesn't that make her the 1%, the people she believes who never contribute anything to society? 

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