Thursday, 15 May 2014

Everythings Amazing

Sometimes we forget how far we have come as a species in such a short time even between generations. When our family went on a holiday recently my daughter kept demanding certain television programs. I had to keep telling her that we can't do catch up or watch YouTube content and this was how TV worked when I was a child; you watched what was on at the time with four channels to choose from or nothing at all. She couldn't comprehend and still kept demanding certain programs. Similar to when my mum said their first house didn't have a phone, I struggled to get my head around that concept as I'm used to having instant communications on tap.

The video does actually make an excellent point. Most people always feel like the world owes them something. That's why everyone moans at capitalism, rich people, companies but really we have nothing to moan about when we sit down and think about it. The people who moan the most are generally the ones who gain the most. Think about someone who is wealthy in a monetary sense and didn't inherit that wealth. They in all probability worked long hours, sacrificing all sorts of comforts to gain that wealth and in turn create wealth for others. They most likely enjoyed what they did but still had to sacrifice many hours of leisure. Compare that to a lazy person who doesn't even work. They gain all the fruits of human ingenuity for free without even breaking a sweat. Providing economic freedom to the great thinkers and doers gives them untold riches. Capitalism always favours the lazy, poor and ignorant. It's ironic that such people are generally the first ones who wish to take wealth and freedom from the wealth creators, thus hampering their free lunch.

We should all be grateful for the entrepreneurs, inventors, business leaders who contribute in changing things. Life really is amazing for the developed world in the 21st Century and its only going to get better and I can't wait to see the progress we make during my life.

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